Home Services


Home Services

Your home is the one place where you have the freedom to be you, which means it’s the one space where you should be able to get things done exactly how you like them. When your needs change it can be hard to do everything you used to, which is why we’re always ready to lend a caring helping hand.

Our approach is designed to lighten the load and give you back your independence so you can focus on what really matters in life. You can think of us as the extra pair of hands that will help with just about anything, all while providing you with a sense of companionship that makes a difference. Perfect when you want to connect with the JS approach to care.

Domestic Service

Whether it’s cleaning and washing, or helping to pay bills and find tradesmen, we’re always ready to provide the support you deserve.

Home Cooking

No matter what and when you want to eat, our care staff will help you get everything you need without delay.


We can help you create a shopping list, go pick it up in-person, schedule online deliveries and even tidy everything away when it arrives.


Taking pride in your home gives you back so much quality of life, and taking care of your green spaces is a major part of that.


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